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The Cynja is Growing Up

The Cynja is Growing Up

@TheCynja turns to CynjaTech as @CynjaSpace launches!

Dear Cynja Community-

You may have noticed things are looking a little different over on our social media pages these days. It is with great pride and excitement to announce that Cynja is growing even more than we could have anticipated when we first started this cyber journey. As a result, we have moved some things around and want to make sure you get the most from what Cynja has to offer.

Our cybersecurity app for kids, CynjaSpace, has joined our comic superheroes Grant Wiley and Jo Alita taking on internet villains from a new Twitter home @CynjaSpace. Here we’ll continue our mission of talking about family safety, kid’s privacy, comics, super heroes, and all the fun stuff our Cynja cyber comic world has to offer. Be sure to follow us @CynjaSpace for all our comic, kids and family news.

If you are following our Twitter profile @TheCynja, we’ll continue our dedication to empowering individuals, organizations and businesses in navigating a new technology landscape driven by security, privacy and data ownership. Our security firm CynjaTech is growing quickly and now we need a place to keep our supporters up to date on the incredible work our team is doing to keep everyone’s data safe.

Our Facebook and LinkedIn pages will also be going through a bit of a makeover to better showcase our company’s achievements, any fun projects we have in the works, as well as updates on events we have planned for the coming year.

Our Instagram is full of fun for the whole family! And we already have loads of fun stuff in store for 2018.

What once was a comic book company built by a couple of cybersecurity geeks has now turned into a successful cybersecurity company run by a couple of comic book nerds.

Thank you for supporting us on this amazing cyber journey!

In Cynja

-Heather & Chase

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