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safe internet for kids

CynjaSpace : Safe Internet for Kids

Cyberspace with Training Wheels!


We need your help!

Based on what we’ve learned, heard and experienced since starting our Cynja journey three years ago, we have to ask…

Is Cyberspace Failing Kids?

Children today embark on life in two interconnected worlds, the physical and the virtual. And just as they need to learn how to be smart and safe in the physical world, they need the skills and savvy to navigate a virtual world, an online cosmos of ever-expanding information and possibilities. They need a safe internet for kids.

This cyber journey is beyond what many parents could ever have imagined when they were children; so too are the risks. For children—like adults—enter a digital world filled with malevolent forces seeking opportunities for mischief and mayhem.

  • 75% of children are willing to share sensitive personal information about themselves and their families online.
  • 77% of kids have downloaded a malicious virus.
  • Fraudulent e-commerce sites are targeting kids.
  • Children are being aggressively data mined from home to school.
  • 44% of children look for “new friends on the Internet”.
  • 33% have received an aggressive sexual solicitation in the past year.
  • Pedophiles are known to use digital connections for “grooming” or building an emotional connection with a child so they can later abuse them.
  • 27% of teen/pre-teens say they would meet or have met someone in person they first met online.
  • Child therapists are reporting a higher number of kids being exposed to porn at very young ages.

Even childhood bullying now takes two forms—that on the playground and that conducted in cyberspace. We have all heard tragic stories of children who have committed suicide as a result of cyberbullying. In other cases, it can lead to anxiety and depression. And, once the bully’s attacks have been launched into the digital sphere, they may never disappear, causing pain and turmoil later in our children’s lives. That’s why we’ve built a safe internet for kids.

Who Are the Role Models in Cyberspace?

Being a cyber role model is more than being a successful Internet entrepreneur. It’s living a smart and ethical life online. It’s treating people and data with respect. It’s providing safe internet for kids. Sounds straightforward, no? But here’s the problem: It’s hard for many kids to see their parents as digital role models because their parents don’t open up their online lives to their kids. In email, social media, online shopping or web surfing, parents operate in virtual isolation from their children.

Our kids aren’t riding shotgun as we drive our digital lives; but that’s the view of the cyber world that kids need to experience. Just like daily life, it’s not a fairy tale; it’s a place where there are real consequences to making poor choices. But how can our kids learn how to live safe and healthy digital lives without observing what good behavior and smart choices look like? It starts with safe internet for kids.

Don’t Our Kids Deserve a Better Digital Life Than the One We Live Today?

Our ultimate mission at The Cynja is to engage children when they first encounter and get to know the Internet—and to teach them, from the outset, how to make smart choices, while providing safe internet for kids, and enabling privacy protection as they navigate their new digital lives. This is why we’ve created CynjaSpace™!

Think of it as cyberspace with training wheels!

As a mobile app initially available for the Apple iPad, CynjaSpace brings together the online activities
kids want, and the easy-to-use controls parents need. We do it all with complete security and privacy. It’s safe internet for kids!

  • Kids can chat, browse and share just like adults
  • Parental controls & activity reports
  • Secure family messaging with trusted connections
  • Continuous internet safety education
  • Rewards positive behavior
  • Strong built-in cybersecurity protections:

Our mission is personal—CynjaSpace™ is the internet that we as technology & security professionals are creating for our own kids. And in our minds—your kids are our kids!

Jo Alita

Your Safe Place in Cyberspace

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