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parental control

Parental Control Features to Improve Internet Safety for Kids

Feel safe knowing that your children are in a secure, private space supervised by you!

Parental Controls

Kids learn by doing and exploring on their own. But parents can’t watch every keystroke, sent message and web click as they happen in real time. That’s where CynjaSpace comes in. It handles the dangers that lurk in the hidden alleys of the internet. Kids make real connections, message with friends and family approved by their parent, and surf the web.

Your subscription includes a parental control center, and allows for up to three children. CynjaSpace can grow with your children as they learn responsible online behavior. Each child’s account can be customized to allow different levels of interaction with the cyber world as they gain experience.

  • Customize daily screen time limits for each child
  • Act as gatekeeper for incoming and outgoing chat connections
  • Monitor online behavior and reward the smart choices your child makes
  • Get up to the minute reports and warnings about possible threats

No longer do parents have to keep up to date with every security update for each different chat app their kids might be downloading. Plus there’s no need to by another fancy router or piece of software. CynjaSpace is one simple app that stays with your iPad, wherever you go, and it can be customized for children of all ages.

CynjaSpace is a one stop shop for kids to chat with their friends, surf the web, and play games with the parental controls and limits that they need.

Jo Alita

Your Safe Place in Cyberspace

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