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The Cynja Field Instruction Manual

An activity book for trainee cyberheroes!

The Cynja Field Instruction Manual

An activity book for trainee cyberheroes!


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  • Overview

    Book Overview Summary

    Today, our battlefield is a new frontier, one that’s invisible to all but those with cyber powers. It’s time to train a new kind of superhero – one who will protect cyberspace from attack! Join the Cynsei, as he helps you acquire cyber powers to fight zombies, worms and botnets. The world needs boys & girls with the digital smarts to become Cynjas and keep the Internet safe for all. Crack open The Cynja Field Instruction Manual and learn how to be a cyberhero!

    About the Book

    A companion activity book for The Cynja Volume 1, The Cynja Field Instruction Manual is a place where kids can practice the lessons learned from their favorite cyberheroes.

    Our kids today are living in a digital world where they need the smarts and savvy to navigate the increasing threats they’ll face online. Authors Heather C. Dahl and Chase Cunningham, along with artist Shirow Di Rosso have all worked in the cybersecurity industry and designed these fun activities inside this Manual to teach digital life skills to kids and inspire the next generation of real-life information security warriors.

    Stories, puzzles, coloring pages, mazes…these are cool interactive methods to give kids hand-on experience with the fundamental technology concepts introduced in Volume 1. The Field Instruction Manual is the perfect activity book for any kid interested in computers, any adult who loves puzzles and games, and moreover is an awesome resource for anyone who wants to learn more about cybersecurity.

  • Reviews

    Book Reviews

    “The team behind this new activity book wants kids to become Cynjas—a mashup of the words cyber and ninja—in order to keep the Internet safe for all. The book combines high energy coloring pages and hands-on crafts created by illustrator and IT engineer Shirow Di Rosso, along with educational exercises like password creation, malware identification and a four-page spread focused on the history of computers.”
    “The kids in our lives were spending their time coloring activity books about old-school bad guys like dragon slayers even though digital monsters were invading their computers,” said co-author and tech researcher Heather C. Dahl. “So we decided it was time to give the coloring book an upgrade and create a fun manual that could teach kids a really valuable life lesson—how to make smart choices in cyberspace.”
    The Cynja Field Instruction Manual follows on The Cynja Volume 1 and encourages kids practice the “super cyber powers” they learned in the author’s debut book. The creators have garnered consistent high praise for their clever storytelling, superb illustrations and for “filling a gap in children’s literature” with their “geekily accurate” narrative.
    “I created The Cynja book series for my two daughters. It’s important for my girls and kids to learn more about cybersecurity,” explained co-author and threat intelligence analyst Chase Cunningham. “We’re facing a shortage of professionals in my industry, so my hope is The Cynja Field Instruction Manual might inspire some of its young readers to join me in fighting bad guys online.”
    - Help Net Security
  • “Geekily accurate!”
    “There's another class of individuals that may be able to help - young people!”
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  • “Cynja makes cybersecurity exciting to kids.”
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  • “Cynja teaches the dangers of cyberspace.” Mag Logo
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