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The Cynja, Volume 2: Code of the Cynja

The cyber adventures continue with our new hero!

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The Cynja, Volume 2: Code of the Cynja

The cyber adventures continue with our new hero!


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  • Overview

    What it’s About:

    The Botmaster is back. He’s about to unleash the most perilous malware the cyber world has ever known. If he wins, darkness will fall across the land, ruining our life, as we know it. Can the sinister leader of digital danger be stopped before all is lost? Our cyberhero is ready to face down his archenemy once again. But this time the battlefield has changed. As malicious code threatens to wipe out our Cynja, Grant Wiley must remember the lessons of the Cynsei. Will one boy be able to save the Internet by himself? Who will win this battle? A cyberheroine, that’s who!

    The world has a new Cynja and she’s ready to win.

    In this second volume of The Cynja series, Code of the Cynja takes readers back into perilous world of digital threats with our newest cyberhero Jo Alita. She’s a fearless, algorithm solving, quick thinking, decisive member of Team Cynja.

    From the overwhelming success of their first book The Cynja, authors Heather C. Dahl and Chase Cunningham were thrilled to write this next story to show that the world needs both boys and girls with digital skills to win a cyber war. Jo Alita was inspired by all the awesome women the authors know who work in the information security industry. Artist Shirow Di Rosso takes his art to the next level by expanding on his fantastic visual world complete with honey pots, infected networks, and explosive battle scenes that keep kids entertained and educated.

    What’s more fun is this book includes a special mini-comic explaining some of the cyber fundamentals that are a part of the story. Breaking down many of the terms, “How to Survive Cyberspace” is part entertaining comic, part glossary, but all fun and sure to bring families together to learn together about staying safe online.

  • Reviews


    "As an adult who works in search and digital advertising I know the powerful, positive and creepy side of sharing all your information online. I love that this book is teaching kids how to be safe in a realistic way. Also, LOVE that it's a girl superhero who comes and saves the day."
    - Frances D.
  • “Geekily accurate!”
    “There's another class of individuals that may be able to help - young people!”
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  • “Cynja makes cybersecurity exciting to kids.”
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  • “Cynja teaches the dangers of cyberspace.” Mag Logo

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