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kids social network

Revolutionary Safe & Secure Kids Social Network

CynjaSpace allows kids to make connections only with parental permission

Kids Social Network

There are tens of millions of people around the globe using a variety of internet text, anonymous chat, social sharing, and connection apps. Each new app has its own hook, allure, and risk.

CynjaSpace is designed to be the most comprehensive and educational social networking site for kids, while also having the least risk and the most parental control.

Now kids can ask to connect to their friends and parents act as the ultimate gatekeeper for those connections to be managed. It’s a kids social network designed with kids privacy and security as a priority.

Just like the real world, we teach our kids to not talk to strangers and to be a loyal and kind friend. With CynjaSpace, kids must know whom they are asking to be friends with and we never allow any information to be displayed anonymously. From profile pictures, to screen names, children must specifically know who they are asking to connect with and that child must get permission from their parents to complete the connection.


  • Send Requests using their friend’s specific CynjaID screen name
  • Ask for help from a parent account to find out their friends’ CynjaIDs
  • Can put connections in a time out by Blocking them

It is the child who ultimately gives the final approval for each of their own connections, after their parent approves – so they share in the responsibility for keeping themselves safe and interacting with other responsible friends.


  • Profiles stand between the connection requests their children send and the connection themselves
  • Send connection email requests to friend’s parents complete with their children’s CynjaIDs to help facilitate connection requests
  • Can block or even delete their children’s connections
  • Monitor all chat and rest easy knowing certain bullying and inappropriate content is being filtered and won’t transmit while using CynjaSpace chat

In the age of having thousands of followers, hundreds of ‘friends’, or even your child having an email address book of people you don’t know, CynjaSpace is the social network designed for kids by information security professionals for their own kids. Lets work together to help kids stay kids.

CynjaSpace is completely controllable, as private as you want it to be, and everyone cooperates to keep it safe!

Now parents can allow their children to safely chat with friends, keep in touch with new summer camp contacts, and know they are safe and private the entire time.

Jo Alita

Your Safe Place in Cyberspace

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