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Internet Safety for Students

Internet Safety for Students and Librarians

Helping Educators Become Digital Role Models

Cyberspace isn’t the Magic Kingdom – it’s the Wild West, only worse.

Aside from the fact that you rarely see the bad guys before they attack your little wagon train of devices, it’s a place without obvious good guys in white hats either, so there are no role models for kids and adults trying to navigate their way through the internet shootout without getting hit.

At The Cynja, we focus on teaching the technology to kids.

For the adults—we help inspire educators to become digital role models for their students, not just in the classroom, but in the virtual world too. Who do our kids aspire to be in their digital world if they don’t get to learn about online responsibility at home and school?

First we must understand being a cyber-hero for children is far more than being a successful Internet entrepreneur or knowing how to tap and swipe on social media.

  • It’s living a smart and ethical life online.
  • It’s treating people and data with respect.

While that sounds straightforward, there’s a big problem:

It’s hard for many kids to learn because many classrooms off load digital behavior modeling to software programs installed on a student’s device that are designed to filter content, not teach students.

CynjaSpace helps Students, Teachers, & Librarians:

  • Explain how the internet works,
  • Encourage kids how to write polite email correspondence,
  • Teaches savvy online shopping techniques,
  • Guides smart web surfing
  • Talks about etiquette on social media

This is the view of the cyber world that kids need to experience for their futures.

Just like daily life, digital life not a fairytale; it’s a place where there are real consequences.

All educators—techies or not—can be digital role models.

If we are concerned about our children’s digital welfare, then classrooms must also help fill this void. Everyone has the the power to change the direction of our kids’ digital futures.

From our CynjaSpace app, to the Cynja book series, web comics, and our Cynsei’s Connection blog, your technology experts at The Cynja offer educators multiple resources that bring common sense digital expertise and help them live digital lives that students can see, respect and emulate.

Jo Alita

Your Safe Place in Cyberspace

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