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Readers and Experts Agree, The Cynja Earns 5 Stars

5 Stars on Amazon — Read Our Reviews

It cleverly sneaks in real computer terminology so kids will learn how computers and viruses actually work but the plot is so captivating kids will never realize it’s actually educational … Amazing!!!!

Geekily Accurate!

– PBS Newshour

Here’s a hardback action comic book for kids of all ages about people who do bad things with computers and the good people who fight them. It’s terrific: simply told and beautifully illustrated. It also sneaks in computer vocabulary lessons at the beginning and end that parents can use to secretly educate themselves while pretending only to educate their kids. Your family will love it. By the way, the authors say it’s “volume 1,” so there should be more to come.

5 Star Amazon Review by Joel Brenner, Former senior Intelligence Official and Author

The Cynja explains basic security concepts— such as botnets and zombies—by appealing to kids’ fascination with superheroes…. The Cynja makes cybersecurity exciting to kids.

– Fahmida Y. Rashid,

Cunningham and Dahl who collaborate on the text have found a gap in children’s literature and fi lled it well. The topic is current and their translation of cyber language and virtual worlds is exciting and completely relatable through classic good guy vs. bad guy storytelling. Shirow Di Rosso’s east-meets-west illustrative style truly brings the virtual world to life. There is never a dull moment with his sketched, inked and photoshopped illustrations.

– The Children’s Book Review

I hope I can be a Cynja when I finish the book.

– 7 year-old Taty


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