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Kids Chat Safe and Secure

CynjaSpace Internet Safety App Helps Kids Learn How to Chat Safely & Responsibly

Do you and your kids really know who your chat buddies are?

In CynjaSpace you do!

Kids want to chat with their friends and family, but sadly most chat apps also give strangers access to your child. And that’s where the danger lurks.

Our iPad app lets kids have the fun and freedom of chatting online, while giving parents the peace of mind they need, knowing their kids are only chatting with people they know.

Here’s how it works:

  • Kids may only invite connections who already have CynjaIDs.
  • CynjaSpace doesn’t offer a public directory—which means strangers and advertisers can’t go searching for, and targeting your children.
  • Parents must approve all chat invitations for their children before kids can chat.
  • Kids must also approve an incoming chat invitation, even after their parent has said yes.
  • Connections may be blocked by both kids and parents for any reason.
  • Parents manage each child’s connections and have the ability to permanently delete a connection.

Our chat has a built in word filter to help guide children in using appropriate language. CynjaSpace also provides parents with full chat transcripts for each child. Plus we give you the ability to save, print or email the transcripts for your safekeeping.

CynjaSpace teaches kids how to treat others with respect online while giving families the digital security and privacy to safely share life’s moments.

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