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screen time app

Parents Control Screen Time with a Single App

Manage your Family's Time Online by the Week, Day, Hour or Activity

Kids Screen Time App

The time has come to take back your device.

With CynjaSpace’s custom timer, parents finally get the control over their child’s screen time they need.

From Grandma’s house, the Doctor’s waiting room, or just sitting in traffic, no matter where you are with your mobile device, your children will have the limits you decide are right for your family.

Parents can decide Screen Time based on:

  • Days of week
  • Hours in the day
  • CynjaSpace activity
  • Each individual child’s needs
  • You can even use CynjaSpace unrestricted and let children learn to manage themselves but still retain the ability to track the time online and see details of your child’s activity with CynjaSpace’s convenient reports.

CynjaSpace is a screen time app that doesn’t need a special router that is ineffective when you leave home. And unlike other time managers, we don’t need to track the IP address of your device, leaving it unusable by any other family members when a timer shuts it down.

Plus CynjaSpace compiles an overall schedule for each of your children that can be printed and posted on the fridge so your kids can see their allotted time online in advance.

Once the time limit is reached. CynjaSpace locks the child out, letting another child take their turn in CynjaSpace, or allowing a parent to unlock the iPad for their own use.

And best of all, once the child reaches their limits, a friendly reminder from The Cynsei master tells them it’s time to explore the world outside of the internet. Parents and adults in the child’s life are no longer the bad guy. The Cynsei has your back!
Everybody wins with CynjaSpace Screen Time Functions!

Jo Alita

Your Safe Place in Cyberspace

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