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Internet Safety Games

Internet Safety Games and Fun Resources for Kids

CynjaTech & ISACA - Advancing Cyber Education for Children and Families Together

Our kids deserve a better digital life than the one we live today!

CynjaTech and ISACA are proud partners working together to create a new Internet Safety Game for Kids inside the CynjaSpace mobile app that teaches children and their families about computer science, security and safety. The collaboration brings ISACA’s industry leading Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) curriculum together with the successful Cynja comic series inside CynjaSpace by offering fun and exciting interactive games and lessons to teach the digital survival skills today’s children need.

  • Inside the private, secure CynjaSpace app, we are creating an educational and entertaining Internet Safety Games for Kids with comics, interactive activities, videos and challenges in progressing levels to teach kids the digital smarts they need.
  • Parents will get resources, articles, tips and talking points to help raise their children in a potentially dangerous digital world.
  • The knowledge and experience of the security professionals at CynjaTech, with the in-depth curriculum of ISACA will offer families an unprecedented tool-kit to help their children build a safe future in cyberspace. Exploring and learning in CynjaSpace is only the beginning!
  • The CynjaSpace app and its awesome new CyberPower education will debut at ISACA’s CSX North America conference this coming October.

Together with ISACA, Cynja is creating the next generation of cyber education for kids!


Jo Alita

Your Safe Place in Cyberspace

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