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How to be safe on the Internet

How To Be Safe On the Internet - Kids Internet Security Workshops

Bring The Cynja to Your Classroom, Club Meeting or Library!

It’s Time to Train a New Kind of Superhero

One Who Will Protect Cyberspace!

Welcome the creators of The Cynja, as they show your group how to acquire the cyber powers to fight zombies, worms, and botnets. The world needs boys and girls with digital skills to become Cynjas and keep the Internet safe for all.

We educate kids about cybersecurity using exercises derived from actual technology. Our visits are designed to teach kids how the Internet works, computer safety lessons, with fast paced and interactive lessons.

We customize each session based on grade level and proficiency. Using characters from our adventure stories, kids are introduced to the reality that not everything is safe in cyberspace.

It’s time to become a cyberhero!

Our technically accurate and interactive group activities get the kids up and moving by helping us find spam, route data packets, and quarantine malicious web traffic. Cynja Instructors lead discussions like, “How do these bad guys sneak into your computer, laptop and even smartphones?” And we finish our time together talking about how we all need to make smart choices online by following our Code of The Cynja.

We also have a special session talking with parents and teachers about how to help kids be safe on the internet.

How Cynja Are You? Let us show you!

For more information contact us at [email protected]

How to be safe on the internet

Safe Internet Workshop

Jo Alita

Your Safe Place in Cyberspace

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