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cyber safety for kids

Cyber Safety Books, Games, & Lessons to Protect Kids From Online Dangers

As the cyber adventures unfold, the mystery of cyber security starts to fade as kids learn key concepts such as malware, botnets, encryption and more.

Our Kids Deserve a Better Life than the One We Live Today

Children today embark on life in two interconnected worlds, the physical and the virtual. Just as they need to learn how to be smart and safe in the physical world, they need the skills and savvy to navigate a virtual world, an online cosmos of ever-expanding information and possibilities.

internet safety for kids

This journey is beyond what many parents could ever have imagined when they were children

So too are the risks.

Co-founders Heather C. Dahl and Chase Cunningham, along with Creative Director Shirow Di Rosso, started bringing cyberspace to life for kids of all ages by publishing their first book The Cynja, Volume 1 based on their professional experience in tech and cybersecurity.

internet safety for kids

In just three years, The Cynja has expanded their cyber security for kids into a comic book series published in English, Dutch and Spanish, a weekly web comic, activity books, subscription newsletter, children's workshops and mobile applications all designed to help families make smart choices in their digital lives.

internet safety for kids

Selected by a panel of judges, The Cynja brought internet security for kids to San Diego in July as a featured small press publisher at Comic-Con International.

CynjaTech is headquartered in Washington, DC.

internet safety for kids

Our ultimate goal is to engage children when they encounter the Internet.

To teach them how to make smart choices, practice online security, and enable privacy protection as they practice cyber security in their digital lives.

We encourage kids to experience and engage in all aspects of digital life like chat and social sharing while teaching online privacy and cyber security and rewarding kids for positive behavior. Cynja characters are the role models for kids in cyberspace.