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Every Cynja Needs Cool Gear!

The Cynja Volume 1
The Cynja, Volume 1
The Cynja Field Instruction Manual
The Cynja Cover T-Shirt
The Cynja Lanyard
The Cynja Super Magnetic Bookmark
The Cynja Emblem T-Shirt
De Cynja, Deel 1 (Dutch)
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El Cynja, Volumen 1 (Español)
The Cynja, Volume 2: Code of the Cynja
The Cynja Poster T-Shirt
The Cynja Story T-Shirt

We are so excited to be building our inventory of cool Cynja gear. Beyond our books, we are working to design and develop a store full of fun stuff to show off your Cynja spirit. From unique Lanyards, eye catching bookmarks, and t-shirts displaying original Cynja artwork, now Cynjas of all ages can show the world their love for the world's first superhero for cyberspace!

All Cynja gear is hand picked by our team for the highest quality, brightest colors, and most awesome products. Have an idea for a piece of original Cynja gear? Feel free to contact us for special custom items. We love hearing from you about what you want and will do our best to see if we can make it happen!

All Cynja proceeds are dedicated to educating children about the world of cybersecurity and technology.

We ship worldwide & APO.

  • “Geekily accurate!”
    “There's another class of individuals that may be able to help - young people!”
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  • “Cynja makes cybersecurity exciting to kids.”
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  • “Cynja teaches the dangers of cyberspace.” Mag Logo

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