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CynjaSpace™ is a Kid's iPad App that Teaches Internet Safety

A Kid's iPad App that Does What No Other Solution Can Do

Welcome to CynjaSpace, Your Safe Place in Cyberspace!

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This revolutionary kids ipad app combines the safety, controls and activity reports parents need, while allowing kids the fun and freedom of using the web and chatting with friends.

  • CynjaSpace doesn’t simply filter content.
  • CynjaSpace gives parents total control in an easy-to-use, comprehensive guided interface.
  • CynjaSpace is entertaining and educational.
  • CynjaSpace doesn’t track you, sell your data or compromise your family’s privacy.

There’s no need to by another fancy router or piece of software. CynjaSpace is one simple kids iPad app that goes wherever you go and it can be customized for children of all ages. Unlike the competitors which fence-in the child, either physically by requiring proximity to hardware, or intellectually by limiting activities, we encourage kids to experience and engage in all aspects of digital life like email, chat and social sharing.

Kids learn by doing and exploring on their own. But parents can’t watch every keystroke, sent message and web click as they happen in real time. That’s where CynjaSpace comes in. This cutting edge kid’s iPad App includes protection controls but also allows children to make mistakes online without exposing them to threats and inappropriate content. Kids learn from our Cynja characters who immediately provide feedback to correct and educate children about responsible online behavior.


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CynjaSpace can grow with your children as they learn responsible online behavior. Each child’s account can be customized to allow different levels of interaction with the cyber world as they gain experience.

An array of easy-to-use parental controls makes it simple to set limits and view reports of your child’s activities.

Time limits can easily be set individually for different days of the week, and even for each activity within CynjaSpace.

Parents approve all chat connections, have the ability to block chats with specific individuals, and even permanently delete contacts if necessary. Easily view all chat messages sent and received by your children.

Three preset web surfing levels are available to choose from. Younger children have access only to websites approved by you, while more advanced children can safely surf the CynjaSpace filtered web under the guidance of the Cynsei master.

Kids can request websites that you’ll approve or deny, and you have the ability to add or block individual sites at your discretion by adding them to the whitelist or blacklist.


CynjaSpace teaches children about protecting their digital lives in a fun and engaging way. With The Cynja comic book series and the app’s interactive Dojo, the mystery of cybersecurity starts to fade as they learn about malware, botnets, encryption and more. Plus this kids iPad app offers parents their own resources for helping their children navigate cyberspace safely, with talking points for family discussions and easy to understand explanations of technical terms that matter for today’s digital parent.

In CynjaSpace, families learn together about the dangers lurking in the cyber world. Along with helpful tips, articles and professional advice, you’ll get privacy protection, secure storage, and complete ownership of your family’s data – all included with your subscription.


You can trust CynjaSpace because it is a kids iPad app designed and built by IT professionals for their own families, using one-of-a-kind, industry leading technology.

Give your kids a secure place to explore responsibly in cyberspace and learn how to stay safe as they begin their digital lives!

Jo Alita

Your Safe Place in Cyberspace

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