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online safety for kids

Your Safe Place in Cyberspace

internet safety for kids
CynjaSpace App on iPad

An Internet Safety App for Kids

CynjaSpace is a revolutionary internet security app combining the safety, control, and activity reports parents need, with the fun and freedom of using the web and chatting with friends that kids want.

Now there's an app that allows children to chat with approved contacts and learn responsible digital behavior, while parents easily manage kids' online presence with convenient controls, alerts, time limits, and activity monitors.

guided experience

Easy to Use, Guided Experience

Kids learn by doing and exploring on their own. But parents can’t watch every keystroke, sent message, and web click as they happen in real time. That’s where CynjaSpace comes in.

Families get an easy-to-use, comprehensive guided internet experience to help protect kids & educate them about being safe in cyberspace.

A Starting Point

CynjaSpace is the starting point for families to learn together about the dangers lurking in the cyber world and helps parents engage with their children about personal security practices at an early age.

A Single App

There’s no need to buy another fancy router or piece of software. CynjaSpace is one simple app that stays with your ipad, wherever you go, and it can be customized for children of all ages.

Privacy for Families and Children

Privacy for Families & Children

We believe in the privacy of families and children, that’s why CynjaSpace doesn’t track, sell, or own user data, we help you protect your child’s digital identity.

Give your kids a secure, private space to play, explore, share, and begin a cybersecurity education that will help keep them safe throughout their digital lives!

Skills to Navigate Our Virtual World

Children today embark on life in two interconnected worlds, the physical and the virtual. And just as they need to learn how to be smart and safe in the physical world, they need the skills and savvy to navigate a virtual world, an online cosmos of ever-expanding information and possibilities. This journey is beyond what many parents could ever have imagined when they were children; so too are the risks.

Internet Safety for Children

Our ultimate mission is internet safety for children to engage kids when they encounter the internet — to teach them how to make smart choices, practice online security, and enable privacy protection as they learn in their new digital lives.

CynjaSpace is like Cyberspace with Training Wheels!℠

Parents can feel safe knowing their children are in a secure, controlled, private space that is supervised by them with the help of the security professionals at CynjaSpace.

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The Online Activities Kids Want

Easy to Use Controls Parents Need

As a mobile internet safety app for kids, initially available for Apple iPad, CynjaSpace brings together online activities kids want, and easy-to-use controls parents need. All with complete security and privacy.


Kids are in charge of their own chat portal, can easily see who is messaging them, and can block chats with specific individuals, all inside a safe space supervised by both CynjaTech and parents.

Time Limits

Screen time is easily set for each individual child, and can be customized for different days of the week and even for each activity within CynjaSpace.


Kids can access parent and Cynja-approved websites, and even search the filtered web if allowed to do so by parents. Three preset web surfing levels are available to choose from. Younger children have access only to websites approved by parents, while more advanced children can safely surf the CynjaSpace filtered web under the guidance of the Cynsei master.

Warnings & Reports

Perhaps the most important part of CynjaSpace’s protection and education of our children is the parents’ warnings and reports section. Here, you’ll see your kids’ time spent online, details of any mistakes that were made and corrected by our cyber-heroes, and reports from each type of activity your child explored.

Controlled Contacts

Parents approve all chat connections, have the ability to block chats with specific individuals, and even permanently delete contacts if necessary. Easily view all chat messages sent and received by your children.

Reward Behavior

At CynjaSpace, we like to reward good behavior, and you can too! When your child acts responsibly online, you can give them more time, get free Cynja stuff, or enable new activities.

kids internet safety app
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