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The Cynja Series of Cyber Safety Books for Kids

The Cynja Series teaches kids about cybersecurity in a fun and engaging way. As the cyber adventures unfold, the mystery of cyber security starts to fade as they learn key concepts such as malware, botnets, encryption and more.

internet safety for kids

The Cynja, Volume 1

The Cynja Volume 1 introduces readers to Grant Wiley, a boy who loves computers, video games, and helping protect good people from bad guys. Seeing how kids love superheroes and ninjas, authors Heather C. Dahl and Chase Cunningham wrote this story to show all the kids in their lives about about the awesome world of technology.

With the extraordinary imagination and creativity of Shirow Di Rosso's art, a cast cyberheroes and their digital battles are brought to life with fun geeky accuracy.

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Available in Dutch, and soon in Spanish.

internet safety for kids

The Cynja, Volume 2: Code of The Cynja

In this second volume about cyber safety for kids, Code of the Cynja takes readers back into perilous world of digital threats with our newest cyber-heroine, Jo Alita.

Jo Alita is a fearless, algorithm solving, quick thinking, decisive member of Team Cynja.

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internet safety for kids

The Cynja Field Instruction Manual

The Field Instruction Manual is a companion activity book for The Cynja Volume 1. Kids can practice the lessons learned from their favorite cyberheroes.

Stories, puzzles, coloring pages, mazes... these are cool interactive methods to give hand-on experience with learning more about the fundamental technology concepts introduced in Volume 1.

The Field Instruction Manual is the perfect activity book for any kid interested in computers, any adult who loves puzzles and games, and it's an awesome resource for anyone who wants to learn more about cybersecurity.

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