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How The Botmaster Steals Hotspots!

‘Tis the season of public WiFi connections.

The holiday season means more travel, more shopping and more bad guys looking to intercept YOUR data from shared hotspots.

Public WiFi networks make it easy for everyone to connect. As a result many security and encryption protections are disabled, allowing your data to travel unprotected. All the bad guy has to do is intercept your signal and — BINGO — whatever you’ve just transmitted, like your email, user name and password, is captured.

Your first Cynja move is never use a WiFi connection unless it’s your own. But we know that’s not always possible.

So remember — only surf websites you’re comfortable with a stranger seeing. Don’t conduct any online banking or financial transactions.

Disable your file sharing. Limit your email/IM to topics that you’re okay sharing with everyone.

And when you’re finished turn off your wireless card so it’s not connecting to hotspots without you knowing.

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