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Give Your Stranger Talk an Upgrade

We all know the “don’t talk to strangers” conversation.

It starts at a young age. But do you use this as an opportunity to talk with your children about strangers in cyberspace? If your child is using any devices to play games, watch videos or read books then it’s time to start having this talk.

It’s important for kids and parents to understand that being safe using the internet is just as important as being safe on the playground.

The Botmaster is always looking for sneaky ways to launch his attacks and harm good people, including kids.

Let’s help make sure your Cynja stays safe.

Try talking about these questions over family dinner tonight.

Is it possible for strangers to talk to you on an electronic device like a computer or tablet? It is. Sometimes strangers try to talk to kids online. We call these people digital strangers. Digital strangers sometimes ask kids to click on special links or they may even know your name and send nice messages. Have you ever seen a digital stranger before?

What happens if a digital stranger tries to contact you while you’re using your computer or tablet? Cynjas always tell a trusted adult immediately if they meet a digital stranger online. What if that digital stranger wants you to click on a link or asks you to write them back or needs help? Digital strangers should never contact children online or ask for their help.

What do you do if someone you don’t know asks for your name on the computer? As Cynjas, we never tell any digital strangers our name nor our location. Listen to your feelings, if something doesn’t seem right on your computer always tell a trusted adult.

Remember if you don’t talk with your kids about the bad guys who live in cyberspace, the Botmaster wins.

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