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Jo Alita

This cyberheroine loves math. She is happiest finding solutions for puzzles and problems. But what Jo loves the most is being a Cynja when she’s transported into cyberspace. Because for a girl like Jo Alita, the Botmaster’s sinister code is no match for her cyber ninja abilities to analyze code. She always wants to win.

  • Cyber gadgets: USB pendant, scanfan, hashlens, octal stars
  • Digital Skills: malware analysis, running honeypots, engineering compiler code
  • Fun Fact: Jo is named after Chase and Shirow’s daughters and Heather’s mom but she looks like the daughters of two awesome women in tech Heather once worked with.

“Jo Alita has the coolest cyber gadgets! I love the way she caught the bad guys in the honeypot!”

– Tara, Age 9

“Jo is very brave, smart, active, has lots of confidence and courage. She is also very pretty.

She is willing to go in front of the class to do math problems on the blackboard because Math is her favorite subject. I think Jo Alita is awesome because I think she is a great role model for girls like me!”

– Taty, Age 8
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