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Is It Time to Go Nuclear?

Let’s face it, our smartphones and tablets know a lot about us.

While it’s an awful feeling to lose your device, the actual gadget is easily replaced.

However, if your device ends up in the wrong hands any stored credit cards, passwords and sensitive personal information could be more valuable to a bad guy than what he’d earn by selling it.

Which leads us to ask…do you know how to remote wipe your device?

If the answer is no, the bad guys have an advantage — while you’re trying to figure it out, they could be downloading your data and winning!

All major smartphones have remote wiping capabilities, each device type requires a different setup.

  • Apple uses app called “Find My iPhone”
  • “Android Lost” offers a wipe option
  • Visit this website for Windows phones
  • Blackberry Protect is a free app

And remember, Cynjas make it as difficult as possible for the bad guys — lock your device using a four-digit pin too!

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