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Comic Con International 2016 in San Diego

Comic-Con International

July 21-24, 2016
San Diego Convention Center
Small Press Pavilion: Q11

Cyber Education Workshops-

  • Just for Kids! Build your Cyber Sidekick!
    6:30pm Wednesday, July 20
    3:30pm Thursday, July 21
    3:30pm Sunday, July 24
    Join The Cynja illustrator Shirow Di Rosso as he shows kids how to create their own Cipher Cube! This fun hands-on craft session will not only spark imagination but also teach our youngest about how to make smart choices in their digital lives. Bring your enthusiasm and we’ll provide all the supplies!
  • Your Safe Place in Cyberspace!
    8pm, Wednesday, July 20
    5pm Friday, July 22
    1pm Sunday, July 24
    Join The Cynja creators as they lead an interactive preview of their revolutionary app CynjaSpace™. This mobile app for families combines the safety controls and activity reports parents need, while allowing kids the fun and freedom of being in cyberspace. It handles the dangers that lurk in the hidden alleys of the internet. Kids make real connections with parent approval, message with friends and family, surf the web and have fun with original educational entertainment. And you can feel safe knowing that your children are in a secure, private space, supervised by you, with the help of the security professionals at CynjaSpace.
  • Monsters in the Cloud—Keeping you kids safe online
    10:30am Thursday, July 21
    10:30am Friday, July 22
    10:30am Sunday, July 24
    Join cybersecurity expert Dr. Chase Cunningham for a discussion on how to keep your family safe online. He’ll share some of the recent trends in cyber crimes targeting families and share the tips he uses keep his own young children safe in cyberspace. Dr. Cunningham brings his years of cyber threat analysis and love for comics together as a co-creator of The Cynja comics – a series teaching kids about the evil that may lurk behind every tap of their device. Bring questions, concerns about your child’s digital safety, and a love for comics!
  • App Privacy Policies: Are you giving away the family jewels?
    2pm Thursday, July 21
    3pm Friday, July 22
    Join The Cynja comic creator and tech industry insider Heather Dahl as she talks about what data privacy means for your family. She’ll show you some of the hidden nefarious business tactics some of your children’s favorite apps employ and show how by tapping “Agree” you might be sharing far more about your children than you want. Bring your questions about in app purchases, location services, kids’ data, and privacy settings. See what a “clean” policy looks like and what to avoid when you automatically accept the Terms & Conditions of your favorite apps.
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? – A Cynja!
    2pm Friday, July 22
    Join The Cynja co-creator Chase Cunning for fun discussion designed especially for kids who are interested in cybersecurity careers.Right now cybersecurity professionals aren’t being trained fast enough and the competition to hire experienced workers is fierce. And this isn’t expected to change anytime soon. Chase will talk about how it’s never to early to start your Cynja training and grow up to be a security professional. Because the world needs more girls and boys to become Cynjas!
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