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CynjaTech Launches Cutting Edge Cyber Education Game for Kids Featuring ISACA’s Cybersecurity Guidance

Download CynjaSpace & play The Dojo game today!
Download CynjaSpace & play The Dojo game today!

CynjaTech Launches Cutting Edge Cyber Education Game for Kids Featuring ISACA’s Cybersecurity Guidance

LAS VEGAS, October 17, 2016 – CynjaTech has teamed with global business technology and cyber security association ISACA to create a mobile game that teaches children and their families about computer science, cyber security and safety. The game is included in the free CynjaSpace app, currently available for Apple iPad.

The collaboration combines ISACA’s industry-leading Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) knowledge with the successful Cynja comic series to offer children a fun, exciting and interactive way to learn the digital survival skills they need.

“Parents begin teaching children to read and count before they go to school, and we believe that learning how to be safe online should start just as early. If we begin teaching children digital survival skills, they will become second nature, just like adding two plus two. The next generation of cyber education begins at home,” said Heather C. Dahl, CEO of CynjaTech. “We’ve adapted ISACA’s content into a cool game for kids and a powerful resource for their parents inside our secure CynjaSpace app. We’ve called it Dojo because it’s the digital training ground to start children on a path to leading a smart, safe digital life.”

Families can start downloading the CynjaSpace app from the Apple iPad Store and play this new Dojo game today.

ISACA is a global professional association serving more than 140,000 IT professionals worldwide.

“Our digital lives begin at a very young age, and kids need to be protected in the digital world as much as they do in the physical world,” said ISACA Board Chair Christos Dimitriadis, Ph.D., CISA, CISM, CRISC. “If we can equip kids with the information they need to be cyber-savvy, they will be safer and we will create a cyber security culture for the generations to come.”
“Children and their families can now experience the same high-caliber training that cyber security professionals at some of the largest companies in the world receive,” said CynjaTech CTO Chase Cunningham. “We’re bringing the next generation of cyber education to kids everywhere.”

About CynjaTech
Co-founders Heather C. Dahl and Chase Cunningham, along with Creative Director Shirow Di Rosso, started bringing cyberspace to life for kids of all ages by publishing their first book, The Cynja® Volume 1, based on their professional experience in tech and cyber security.  In just three years, The Cynja has grown from a comic book series published in English, Dutch and Spanish to now include an array of entertaining and educational content, and ultimately into the CynjaSpace mobile application – all designed to help families make smart digital choices. Selected by a panel of judges three years in a row, The Cynja is a featured small press publisher at Comic-Con International in San Diego. CynjaTech is based in Washington, DC. Learn more by visiting

ISACA helps professionals around the globe realize the positive potential of technology in an evolving digital world. By offering industry-leading knowledge, standards, credentialing and education, ISACA enables professionals to apply technology in ways that instill confidence, address threats, drive innovation and create positive momentum for their organizations. Established in 1969, ISACA is a global association with more than 140,000 members and certification holders in 187 countries. ISACA is the creator of the COBIT framework, which helps organizations effectively govern and manage their information and technology. Through its Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX), ISACA helps organizations develop skilled cyber workforces and enables individuals to grow and advance their cyber careers. Learn more by visiting

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