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Cynja Cyber Education Book Series added to Mackin Listings

Burnsville, MINN –Creators of The Cynja, a series of graphic novels set in cyberspace, have announced the addition of their book series to the content list of Mackin. Best known for providing print and digital library and classroom materials to grades PK-12, Mackin added the first two Cynja ebook Volumes, available in English, Spanish and Dutch.

The Cynja was created by authors Chase Cunningham and Heather C. Dahl along with illustrator Shirow Di Rosso. The thrilling graphic novel adventure series draws upon the team’s own IT backgrounds and introduces kids to awesome world of cyberspace and technology.

Today, our battlefield is a new frontier– one invisible to all but those with cyber powers. This is the story of Grant, an eleven-year-old kid who loves computer class, and who finds himself helping the Cynsei– a fabled warrior — defend the Internet against the evil Botmaster and his army of worms, trojans and zombies!

“The Cynja – a Cyber-Ninja – is all about having fun while reading about the thrills and threats in cyberspace.” Co-author, Heather C. Dahl said, “For boys and girls, the fantasy world captures their imagination and draws them in as they learn about technology. These books are written by technology professionals who base their stories on the real world. All the villains, like viruses, zombies, worms and bots are the real bad guys that live in cyberspace today. This is why the world needs more Cynjas.”

With three more volumes currently in production, The Cynja authors use their real-life experience as a basis for their storylines and cybersecurity educational materials. Co-author Chase Cunningham says, “I have two daughters who fall into the category of ‘the YouTube generation’. The internet is ingrained into children’s lives from very early ages making it vital to teach them about the dangers they face online right along with stranger danger and looking both ways before they cross the street. We have to create an awareness among kids when they first start touching laptops, tablets, and even while playing games on Dad’s smartphone, that cyber criminals are lurking.”

With over 2 million ebook titles and 3 million books in print, Mackin is a true partner in education. Mackin is a Minnesota-based, family-owned company which takes great pride in providing the highest quality, age-appropriate library and classroom materials for PK-12 schools as well as public library Children’s and Young Adult collections. With over 50,000 customers worldwide, their continued success and unblemished reputation is known by teachers, administrators, and librarians across the country and throughout the world.


About The Cynja
Hidden deep inside our planet’s virtual world, lurking in the darkened cyber alleys of our digital neighborhoods, a new generation of bad guys has risen. Zombies, worms, botnets – all threaten our happiness and future. But there is hope. A lone warrior battles this new sinister cyber evil. He is the Cynsei. The Cynsei is trying to keep us safe, but the guardian of all things noble in cyberspace cannot fight alone. His enemies are too numerous. If the Internet is to escape falling into darkness, the Cynsei needs help. But who would be brave enough to travel into the depths of malicious networks? A Cynja, that’s who!

About Mackin
For more than 35 years, Mackin has provided library and classroom materials for grades PK-12. Working with over 18,000 publishers and an age-appropriate database of nearly 3 million print titles and more than 2 million digital titles, Mackin supplies print books, eBooks, read-alongs, audiobooks, databases, videos and more, along with digital content management and custom collection analysis services.

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