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The Botmaster

The worst—the most wicked—of the cyber criminals is the Botmaster. His goal is to infect millions of computer networks and gain control of the world.

  • Cyber gadgets: binary power staff, anonymous proxy servers
  • Skills: Digital mayhem
  • Fun Fact: Chase drew the first Botmaster himself and to this day the character still looks like that very first drawing.

“I think the Botmaster is interesting because he’s mysterious, clever, and powerful.”

– Gwynna, Age 10

“The Botmaster has others bad guys that help him type all sorts of keys and codes that steal personal information, passwords, and money. If you don’t pay attention you could buy a bad app and get hacked. You should always create a firewall to stay safe and keep up with updates to keep Botmaster away.”

– Grant, 8
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