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Press Kit & Media Contact Information

All Press Kit documents and images can be found here.

We believe…

In empowering kids to make smart choices online by developing and using their super Cynja powers
Awesome storytelling and way cool illustrations should be inspired by real cyber threats and technology
Kids need a magical place that will help them grow into their digital lives
Parents and children should learn about cyberspace together
The world needs more Cynjas

Company Overview:

Founders Heather Dahl and Chase Cunningham, along with illustrator & IT engineer Shirow Di Rosso, published their first book, The Cynja® Volume 1 in 2014. Since then The Cynja has grown into series of comic books published in English, Dutch and Spanish, including an array of entertaining and educational content, and ultimately into the CynjaSpace mobile application — all designed to help families make smart digital choices. Click here for our press kit.

The Cynja Family of Products

Cynja logo

Click here for our Book Series Press Kit

The Cynja began as an illustrated children’s book series introducing readers to the awesome world of cyberspace and internet security. The Cynja-Volume 1 introduces readers to kid warrior, Grant Wiley, and tells about his dramatic transformation into The Cynja through an awesome adventure story rooted in real world cyber threats. Volume 2- Code of the Cynja brings us Jo Alita—our Cynja heroine—who uses her cutting edge math skills to stop a massive cyber attack. Translated in three languages, the first edition hardcover books sold out in less than a year and our e-books are available worldwide.


Click here for our CynjaSpace Press Kit

CynjaSpace is an internet security iPad app that combines the safety, controls and activity reports parents need, while allowing kids the fun and freedom of using the web and chatting with friends. Parents can be safe knowing that their children are in a secure, private space, supervised by them, with the help of the security professionals at CynjaSpace.

Click here for our Cyber Education Press Kit

The Dojo is an educational and entertaining cybersecurity game that is part of the secure CynjaSpace app. Sponsored by ISACA, a global leader in cybersecurity and IT training, CynjaTech has created the next generation of cyber education for kids complete with comics, interactive activities, videos and challenges to teach kids the digital smarts they need in today’s digital world.

Click here for CynjaTech Press Kit

The CynjaTech platform is supporting CynjaSpace, the first consumer app to operate on Web 3.0 architecture. It’s a new way to connect to the web, your family and friends. CynjaTech’s proprietary technology provides complete privacy and security. Our application platform offers secure communication and collaboration tools that are easily scalable for families, schools, large groups, organizations and major brands. Our platform creates an easy, secure and protected space for the consumer to manage their data and digital lives.

Above all, CynjaTech believes in the privacy of families and children. All data shared with us belongs to the customer. A customer’s data will only be shared with others to whom they have given explicit consent.

Media inquiries or for more information about The Cynja book series, CynjaSpace, interview requests, or press packs may be made to:

Helen Garneau
Vice President of Marketing

Company Videos

Introducing CynjaSpace!

CynjaSpace: All Protection, No Collection!

CynjaSpace: Safety on Any Network

CynjaSpace: NO SPAM, No Ads, No Worries!

CynjaSpace: Secure on Any Network

Cynja News Releases:

The Cynja Partners with FARRAGO COMICS to Offer a New Comic Book Promoting Cyber Safety for Kids

The Cynja Creates a New Comic Strip Promoting Cyber Safety for Kids

Announcing CynjaSpace a New App Promoting Cyber Safety for Kids & Families

CynjaTech Launches Cutting Edge Cyber Education Game for Kids Featuring ISACA’s Cybersecurity Guidance

Notable Press Mentions:

Dark Reading, “Game Change: Meet the Mach37 Fall Startups”

Infosecurity Magazine, “ISACA, CynjaTech Team on Cyber-Awareness Training Game for Kids”

Huffington Post, “Tech That Can Keep Your Kids Safe Online”

PC Mag, “Cynja: A Cybersecurity Superhero”

PBS NewsHour, “‘Cynja’ battles botnets and other cyber-scourges”

The Guardian, “How do I keep my child safe online? What the security experts
tell their kids”

Corsica Daily Sun, “Cyber Safety: Cunningham crafts comics for kids”

HelpNet Security, “How to talk Infosec with kids”

CBS New York, “Scammers Use ‘Ugly Lists’ to target Millennials”, “Cybersecurity Education-Starting Young and Making it fun!”

Computer America, “The Cynja, David Noyes, News!”

411Mania, “411 Interviews The Cynja Creator Heather C. Dahl”

CSO online from IDG, “What to love about your IT security job”

Bob Sullivan- The Red Tape Chronicles, “Welcome to the World of The Cynja!”

National Press Foundation, Heather Dahl, “The Cynja- How to Protect your Kids from Cyberhacking”

National Press Foundation, Heather Dahl, “Protecting Journalists in a World Stalked by Hackers”

Eforensics Magazine, “Being safe online is just as important as being safe walking down the street- Interview with Heather Dahl, Co-founder of The Cynja LLC

Savvy Auntie, “The Cynja: An Aunt Creates the Hero of the Cyberworld”

Mouths of Mums, “Online safety for your kids”

The Children’s Book Review, “The Cynja, by Chase Cunningham & Heather C. Dahl, Dedicated Review”


Jo Alita

Your Safe Place in Cyberspace

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